Why WIFE Formed
  • An identified need for a professional network, which in itself becomes a support network

  • To enable the sharing of ideas and other management perspective in a professional environment.

  • The recognition that farm business management is critical to farm profitability and sustainability and we needed skills in this area.

  • To help link outside expertise with the group to address knowledge gaps.  

  A WIFE Branch Near You
  • As the model has been shared, the network of branches has grown

  • Areas where  WIFE meetings are currently hosted include: Beverley, Boyup Brook, Cranbrook, Dowerin,  Cuballing (Dryandra), Lake Grace, Ongerup, Toodyay, Varley/Lake King, Calingiri (Victoria Plains), Wagin, Darkan (West Arthur) and Wongan Hills.  

  • Contact us via our CONTACT WIFE  page or a Branch page and select the branch email contact. 

  • Guests are more than welcome to attend and often there are informative days open to all, provided by WIFE networks in your area.   

How it Works
  • Regular meetings – which have a variety of formats - designed by each branch.

  • Networking at the start then structured discussion to share knowledge, sometimes including a guest speaker.

  • Fostering a culture of confidentiality and trust – we learn from each other and strive to maintain respect between members.

  • Identify knowledge gaps and choose the areas we want to improve on

  • Guest speakers are invited to provide expertise. However member discussion found to be very beneficial in many areas. 

  • With many branches, provisions have been made for a crèche facility as having small children should not be a barrier to attending a WIFE meeting. 

  • Extensive notes are taken by committee members and distributed to all members as a resource.

The Women in Farming Enterprises Committee  is comprised of a passionate group of Wheatbelt women who volunteer their time and efforts to share the WIFE model and help each branch make it happen in their local area. WIFE provides new branches with meeting templates, administration guides and support to help get things up and running. Once going, WIFE encourages the exchange of information between branches via resource networking and the Annual Seminar where members can catch up face to face and enjoy hearing from a number of guest speakers on chosen topics. 

If you would like more infomation about the WIFE model or learn more about how to start a local WIFE branch today, use any of the contact details  found on the CONTACT WIFE page.
WIFE welcomes ongoing sponsorship with partners to assist with the growth of our organisation.  We thank all previous Women in Farming seminar sponsors - you helped us kick this off -thank you!

About Us

WIFE is a vibrant membership based organisation spanning from Cranbrook in the south, Varley in the east, Boyup Brook in the west, Victoria Plains to the north with many branches in between. These groups stay connected through WIFE Inc which facilitates the network and assists branches to achieve their individual member goals. 

Contact Us if you are interested in hearing more about the organisation or how you can establish a group in your area and join the network.