WIFE warmly welcomes new members and branches.  We encourage you to join a branch near you. If you are not close to a branch, you can request help to start a branch in your area or join the WIFE network as a lone member. If you become a lone member you receive information and access to resource files. Please contact a WIFE branch using the email link on each branch page or use our Contact page and mention which WIFE group you would like to become a member of. We will put you in touch with your nominated branch or select a branch for you if you are unsure of the area covered by the various branches.


Regular branch meetings - these meetings give you that opportunity to have time away from  your  business or office and meet with other  women to share ideas, solve issues or simply enjoy the company of focused and enthusiastic women. If you miss a meeting, notes are taken and made available via cloud based file storage so you can access them at a later date. Each branch organises its own itinerary for the year, often brainstorming in February what topics they would like to cover over the upcoming year. 

Annual Seminar - this is a great day out organised by the WIFE Inc Committee and the host branch. It is a  chance to link up with other WIFE Branch members and the broader community. The day is arranged with the key objective of providing practical relevant advice and tips to take home. Combined with a wonderful atmosphere, the day is a very unique experience and a must attend for the year!

Website -  access to information to learn about WIFE, who we are and what we do.  

Facebook Page - please click "like" so that you will receive any posts we put up on your news feed. This information is generally about WIFE meetings taking place, along with helpful articles that WIFE Inc feels haev useful information for members.

Facebook Closed/Private Group - this is a  group where more in depth discussions of topics can occur. The contents can only be viewed by current financial members who have been added to the group by the WIFE admin team. Upon membership, you will be invited to this private forum and can join in discussions and read helpful advice posted here. 

Dropbox - this mechanism provides each branch with the ability to share our resources which are provided from speakers or  from members themselves, to help branches and members out. You need to open your own drop box account - with an email address. Make a note of your password and let  WIFE Inc  know the email address you have used and we will share the files into your account. From there you can download them onto your computer for use. 

WIFE believes in encouraging the sharing of existing knowledge and the promotion of professional and friendly support using a variety of mediums. WIFE believes that by forming these networks it is empowering members to value their skills and contribution to agriculture along with creating a positive and professional environment for women with a passion for farm business, to thrive in. Finally WIFE believes in collaborating with existing service providers and providing efficient links for members to benefit from.